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"Don’t sit around and complain about not being taken care of for having tits and ass if you don’t want to be treated like tits and ass!" -JennaMarbles

    I may be wasting my time here writing in this blog but don’t anyone dare call me lazy. I am the farthest thing from it. I workout daily; Push ups and other upper body one day, and the other I do crunches and wall sits. I end both days with some nice relaxing yoga. I fit that and all my other daily activities around my work schedule. I work multiple jobs because I have a lot of bills to pay and I don’t expect anyone to take care of my shit for me. I guess some women don’t have the same ambitions as me.

     Something I find funny is the other day my boyfriend and I went to a movie. I do not drive and his car is not in town so we took a cab. Upon arriving I offered “Since you got the cab, I should get the tickets” and his response was what was I found somewhat amusing. “Really?!” like he was in total disbelief. I asked him why he sounded so surprised and he said “Well…I guess girls in London don’t really pay for anything”. It’s not just girls in London; It’s girls everywhere.

     Some women feel like it was their god given birth right to have an easy pass through life because they were born with a vagina. “Your total is 26.95 how do you wish to pay for that ma’am?” “Oh I have a vagina” “Very well, have a nice day”. Don’t they just wish the world literally worked like that? Then they wouldn’t have to find a man who they probably have to at least have sex with.

     If you are one of these women, seeing as you don’t work and you have that one free pass in your pants what do you think you have to give up? Don’t get upset when he expects a little something back. He goes to work, probably some slave labour factory job to buy you all this shit. What do you expect when a stranger wants to buy you a drink at a bar. He’s not thinking “That is a really pretty dress she is wearing, must have taken her so long to get ready to go out she deserves a free drink. I think I’ll buy one for her and then I’ll be on my way”.

  I’m not saying you have to sleep with whom ever offers you things. I’m just saying either get off your lazy ass and do something for yourself or stop pretending you don’t know what’s really up.

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